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How we help

Headstrong offers weekly remote sessions to Individuals who experience mild to moderate mental health challenges.

Therapies with our trainee service include: CBT, psychodynamic therapy, existential therapy, person-centred and integrative therapy. All trainee counsellors are supervised by a qualified psychotherapist or psychologist. Session with our trainees range from £15-£35.

Therapies with our PRO service include: second-wave CBT, third-wave CBT, REBT, EMDR, psychodynamic therapy, existential therapy, systemic therapy, integrative therapy, trauma-informed therapy, person-centred therapy, and coaching. Sessions with one of our Qualified therapists are £40 per session.

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Fees are dependent on your income.

Assessments are charged at


Our low-cost counselling sessions will range from

£15 — £35

For individuals with a high income, the sessions will be charged at


For Trainee Therapists seeking therapy delivered by one of our qualified therapists (only remote sessions available)


For individuals seeking therapy delivered by one of our qualified therapists (only remote sessions available)


How it works


1. Book a confidential assessment through our digital booking system

All assessments are charged at £40. Assessments last 50 minutes, where we invite you to tell us what you need help with. We will also ask you to complete three brief questionnaires for anxiety and depression.

2. After your assessment we will get you booked in with one of our counsellors.

If we feel you need a fully qualified counsellor, we will let you know and refer you to one of our PRO Counsellors.
For a trainee counsellor our current average time between assessment and allocation is 2 weeks. For a PRO counsellor, we can assign you within 48 hours.
All assessments and counselling sessions will take place remotely.

If you are a trainee counsellor looking for therapy, please complete your assessment here:

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