Training Qualifications - Level 6

Embark on a Supervision Journey with Headstrong Academy's Level 6 Diploma

This Spring 2024, Headstrong Academy is thrilled to introduce the Level 6 Diploma in Counselling Supervision, a high-quality program designed to refine your supervisory skills and knowledge. Tailored for experienced counsellors aspiring to become influential supervisors, our Level 6 course teaches effective and practical supervisory knowledge and techniques.


Why Choose Our Level 6 Diploma?

Taught by Experienced Supervisors

The Level 6 is taught Dr. Anne-Sophie Bammens, founder-director of Headstrong Counselling and Headstrong PRO, and Paulo Ribeiro, senior supervisor.

Flexible Learning Options

With a commitment to accommodating your busy schedule, we provide 3 hours of intensive instruction per week over one year, ideal for professionals looking to expand their career horizons without compromising their current commitments.

Guaranteed Supervisory Placement with Headstrong Counselling

High-Quality Supervisory Techniques

Our curriculum is at the forefront of supervisory practice, incorporating best practice methods to ensure you are equipped with the most effective supervisory skills.

Engaging and Dynamic Learning Environment

Participate in interactive sessions, advanced case studies, and practical supervisory exercises, all designed to deepen your understanding and application of supervisory concepts.

Career Enhancement

Earning this diploma elevates your professional standing, opening doors to senior supervisory roles in various counselling settings and private practice. Individuals who complete our Level 6 will be prioritised for a supervisor position at Headstrong Counselling upon completion of the course.

Who Should Enroll?

Our Level 6 Diploma is perfect for:

  • Experienced counsellors ready to step into supervisory roles.
  • Practising supervisors seeking further qualification and knowledge.
  • Counselling professionals looking to establish or elevate their private practice with supervisory services.
  • Individuals aiming to contribute to the counselling field through mentorship and supervision.

Join Headstrong Academy – Leading the Way in Counselling Supervision

Enroll in our Level 6 Diploma in Counselling Supervision and embark on a journey of leadership and professional development with Headstrong Academy. This is your opportunity to become an influential supervisor in the counselling profession.

Apply Now for Spring, Summer or Autumn 2024! Price: £2500.

As part of our Diversity and Inclusion Sponsorship program. Headstrong has limited sponsorship places for those from marginalised communities.