Continuing Professional Development

Our platform brings together counselling, psychotherapy, and psychology trainees from various backgrounds and levels of training within a supportive learning network

You'll gain access to an array of Continuing Professional Development programs, each designed to address the key issues and skills needed as identified by trainees like yourself.

With Academy, you're not only investing in your own development but also contributing to the enhancement of mental health care as we work collectively to empower the next generation of mental health professionals.


Your Membership Benefits with Headstrong Academy

Live Workshops

Delve deep into our live workshop sessions addressing the most pertinent topics for trainees topics like safeguarding, executing a successful first session, concluding therapy sessions, and more. Our workshops provide real-time interaction, ensuring clarity and hands-on learning.

Self-Paced Courses

Dive into dozens of courses, meticulously designed by our Founder. From understanding different presenting issues to mastering practical therapeutic skills, these courses align with the actual needs of trainees.

Guest Talks

Engage with luminaries from the mental health domain. Our platform has been graced by eminent figures like Spinelli and Mick Cooper, offering you firsthand insights into their expertise and knowledge.

Peer Support Groups

Connect with fellow trainees in spaces that cater to varied needs, ensuring you always have a support system during your training journey.

The Book Club

Delve into our curated collection of books designed to boost your practice and refine your skills. A haven for readers, it's a place to explore, discuss, and enrich your theoretical and practical knowledge.

Research Series

Stay updated of the latest findings with insights from fellow students. Not only do you learn about ongoing research, but you also get a chance to invite participants for your projects.

Notice Board

Stay updated with the latest job and training opportunities, ensuring you never miss a chance to advance your career.

Exclusive Book Offer

Receive a complimentary copy of Dr. Bammens's book, "Mastering Your First Sessions: A Practical Guide for Trainees on Clinical Placement.

Affordable Therapy Access

We understand the demands of training. Gain access to affordable therapy tailored for trainees like you.

Free Head-On App Access

Navigate challenges like anxiety, stress, and panic using our proprietary app, designed to provide real-time support.

Tailored Experience

Your voice matters to us. If there's a specific course, workshop, or material you'd like to see, let us know. We're committed to curating content that serves your needs.

By joining Headstrong Academy, you're not just gaining access to resources; you're becoming part of a community committed to excellence, growth, and mutual support.

Welcome to your next chapter of professional development!