Becoming a counsellor at Headstrong Counselling

Headstrong Counselling offers remote placements to trainee counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists, who are passionate about offering short and long-term mental health support to people in the community.

All counsellors are required to be enrolled in a BACP , UKCP , NCPSBABCP or BPS accredited training. Headstrong will offer fortnightly supervision, either individual or group depending on the number of clients.

Headstrong receives around 100 applications per month from aspiring counsellors. We highly recommend joining Headstrong Academy for access to CPD, trainings, workshops and lectures to increase your chances of getting a placement with us. The Headstrong Applications team looks for qualities of clinical and personal self-awareness, and cultural humility within the application. Our trainings are specially tailored to increase the skills of trainees and chances of a successful application and placement with us.

Trainees with



can attend a fortnightly group of 1 hour
Trainees with



can attend a fortnightly group of 90 minutes
Trainees with



are able to attend individual supervision

The majority of our clients experience anxiety, depression, relationship breakdown, among other mild to moderate mental health difficulties. We will schedule clients for you, on a regular, weekly basis. We encourage counsellors to practice within their training approach and offer placements to trainees practicing a range of therapeutic modalities.

Headstrong offers remote counselling sessions.

Training Qualifications

This Spring 2024, Headstrong Academy proudly launches itsLevel 5 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (PC-L5), a comprehensive program designed to elevate your counselling expertise.

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If you would like to become a counsellor at Headstrong Counselling, please fill out the application below


Please note that due to the high volume of applications, we may take up to a week to get back to you.

If you are a client at Headstrong or have been in the past, please notify us at before submitting an application.

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