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Our Misson

In response to the critical need for affordable, high-quality and accessible mental health services in the UK, Headstrong was founded in 2019 with a commitment to providing compassionate and accessible counselling support to those in need.

Headstrong Counselling has made a profound impact since its inception. In just five years, the organisation has delivered over 120,000 counselling sessions across the UK, offering both remote and in-person support. It caters to individuals experiencing mild to moderate mental health challenges. A cornerstone of Headstrong Counselling's philosophy is accessibility; the organisation is dedicated to ensuring that everyone, regardless of income, has access to the mental health support they need.

Our Misson

Social Impact

At Headstrong Counselling, we collaborate with non-profit organisations to offer sponsored and free therapy sessions to marginalised communities, striving to remove obstacles to accessing counselling support.

Headstrong is dedicated to fostering positive change and ensuring that counselling services are accessible and equitable. Our commitment to inclusivity and the transformative potential of therapy is evident in the various social impact projects we have been a part of. Here are some examples of our initiatives.


Headstrong Counselling x Protect Black Women

Through our collaboration with Project Black Women, we have been able to offer six free counselling sessions to over 250 Black women across the UK. This initiative focuses on addressing the unique challenges faced by Black women and providing them with support and resources to empower their personal and professional lives.


Headstrong Counselling x King's College Hospital

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we partnered with King’s College Hospital to provide critical support to those on the front lines. We offered six free counselling sessions to over 150 frontline workers, including midwives, nurses, doctors, and ambulance workers, helping them cope with the immense pressures of their roles during an unprecedented global crisis.


Headstrong Counselling x The Running Charity

In collaboration with The Running Charity, we recognised the potential in young adults on the brink of homelessness. By providing three to six months of free therapy, we supported over 40 clients in navigating their personal challenges and fostering resilience, helping pave their way towards a more stable future.


Headstrong Counselling x “Woman, Life, Freedom” Movement

Supporting the "Woman, Life, Freedom" movement, we offered three months of free counselling to over 20 Iranian clients based in the UK. This initiative was aimed at providing a safe space for individuals affected by the movement to express themselves and seek support during tumultuous times.


Headstrong Counselling x Clients with Family Ties to Palestine, Congo, Sudan

Our commitment to global mental health led us to offer three months of free therapy to over 50 clients who have family ties with Palestine, Congo, or Sudan. This project aimed to address and alleviate the psychological stress associated with geopolitical unrest and familial separation.


Queer Affirmative Therapy at Headstrong

At Headstrong, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment through our queer affirmative counselling services. Our team includes both LGBTQIAP+ and queer-allied counsellors, who are trained to support our clients in a respectful and affirming manner. We believe in creating a safe space where every individual can explore and embrace their identity without judgment, ensuring a nurturing therapeutic experience tailored to the unique needs of the queer community.


Culturally Competent Counselling at Headstrong

Headstrong is strongly committed to delivering culturally competent counselling, emphasising anti-discriminatory and anti-racist practices. We recognise the significance of having a therapist who truly 'gets it'—someone who appreciates and understands the impact of racism, and who understands your culture, racial experiences, religion, and context. With a large team of Black and racialised counsellors, our team is trained to provide therapy that respects and integrates culturally competent practices, ensuring that each client receives care that is as informed as it is empathetic and effective.

Our Commitment

At Headstrong Counselling, our social impact efforts are integral to our mission. We believe in the transformative power of counselling and are dedicated to making it accessible, affordable and sensitive to those who need it most. Our initiatives reflect our commitment to social justice and our ongoing effort to contribute positively to the communities we support.

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